Protocols and Instructions

The BA Forum is a moderated discussion board for BA Members, which includes a daily email digest recapping posts from the last 24 hours. Members use this Forum as a networking tool, suggesting solutions to issues, posting comments or replies to others’ inquiries, etc.

The Brewers Association Forum is a place for association members to discuss topics with members of the professional brewing community. The focus is wide-ranging within the boundaries of professional brewers’ interest: technical brewing; brewery operations; business planning; selling and promoting beer and/or beer businesses, wholesale distribution, alcohol and regulatory issues, and more.

How do I search for a topic or post?

You can use the “Search Forum” tool at the top of the forum homepage to enter a search query for the entire online forum. Note: This will exclude the Jobs discussion board. To search within a single discussion board, click that discussion board and use the Search tool at the top of the page.

I am getting too many results in my search and cannot find what I’m looking for.

Try adding more detail to your search queries in order to narrow down the results. For example, common terms like “hops” will yields tons of results. So adding a qualifier like “galaxy hops” or “dry hopping” will yield more specific results.

How do I respond directly to a specific post or reply within a topic?

Just click the “Quote” icon on the post you would like to address, and that post will automatically be quoted in your response. This will ensure that your post has the appropriate context, and other viewers will see that you are addressing a specific comment.

Note: To reduce clutter in forum threads and the forum email, we’ve created a “cheers” button to acknowledge posts or responses you’ve found useful. This is a shorthand way to say “thanks” without creating another post just for that.

How do I list an item I would like to sell in the forum?

Breweries may post equipment, kegs, ingredients, etc. for sale in the appropriate discussion board – “Ingredients” or “Equipment For Sale/Needed”. Pricing information is not permitted in forum posts. So, be sure to include your contact information so interested buyers can connect with you for details and price info.

What are “Cheers” for on the discussion board?

Clicking the “Cheers” on a post indicates that you are thanking the poster for their contribution and/or like their post. Post that have received “cheers” from other users will say so within the post, including the number of times they have been cheers-ed. This is a quick way to say “cheers” or “thanks” and it keeps the topics looking clean and un-cluttered.

Can I post on behalf of another person?

All BA members are encouraged to post as themselves, in order to provide clarity and transparency in the forum. Posting on behalf of other companies or non-members is not permitted. If you are a member company and your staff shares a login, please note that your membership covers ALL employees. Your company administrator can invite other staff to join the membership and create their own login credentials via email. Please contact or if you have any questions about this!

How do I find out what’s new in the forum?

The forum home page will list the most recently created topics by default. You can select “Active” on the home page to get a list of topics which have been posted in most recently. Likewise, you can select “Top” to a see a list of all-time forum topics with the most replies & participants. Additionally, there are quick links available in the toolbar below your profile on the right. 

I’m receiving email notifications for every post from a discussion board or topic. How do I manage this?

Just go directly to that post or the specific discussion board and click the “Unsubscribe” button in the upper left.

I’d like to post something in the forum, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate or allowed.

If you’ve read the Forum Rules and don’t feel confident about whether or not you can post something, feel free to email the proposed post to

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