100+ Organizations Join the Brewers Association in Support of the USPS Shipping Equity Act

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On Thursday, September 22, 110 state and federal associations sent a letter to Congress asking them to support the United States Postal Service (USPS) Shipping Equity Act, bipartisan legislation that would give the USPS the same ability as private carriers to ship alcohol in states where it is legal to do so. If passed, this legislation would increase competition, giving breweries an additional avenue to get their beer to consumers.

Over the past few years, adult consumers have become increasingly interested in having their favorite products delivered directly to their door. In a 2022, the Harris poll, on behalf of the Brewers Association (BA) and Sovos ShipCompliant, found that 75% of craft beer drinkers said they would purchase more craft beer if they were able to have it shipped directly to their home versus having to go to a retail location to purchase it.

47 states allow direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipping of wine; 11 states allow DtC shipping of spirits; and 13 states allow DtC shipping of beer. (The District of Columbia allows for DtC shipping of wine, spirits, and beer.) Yet, today, only private carriers can ship these products. Giving the USPS the ability to ship beverage alcohol products where legal would enable them to compete effectively in the modern marketplace and generate an estimated $190 million annually in new revenue.

The USPS Shipping Equity Act is a top priority of the Brewers Association and was a main topic of the hill climb in June. Brewery owners and employees that want to express their support for the legislation are encouraged to use the BA’s contact congress form, a quick and easy way to connect with your elected officials.