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The Brewers Association publishes new tools, guides, and how-tos every week. Here are some recent materials you might find useful.

Note: The following resources are for Brewers Association members only. To unlock these and all other member benefits, start (or renew) your membership. If you have any questions about membership, please contact us at 303-447-0816 option 2, or

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Beer Ingredients Course

Equip your team with essential brewing knowledge.

Kettle Boilover Protection

Reduce your risk of serious and potentially deadly burns.

hops pouring into brew kettle with kettle boilover protection resource cover

The Complex World of Can Liners

Prevent package degradation and off flavor pickup.

overhead view of empty cans

Human Resources Snapshot

A quick glance at HR from the Brewers Association.

man pouring hops

State Craft Beer Sales & Production Statistics

Fresh 2023 data now available! See how your state stacks up.

Bottles in bottling line

Modern Lager Beer

Essential reading from Brewers Publications.

Modern Lager Beer by Jack Hendler and Joe Connolly

Heads up! Want to pour at the Great American Beer Festival® this year? How about competing in the competition? It’s the biggest state in beer. Join the fun!

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