Together We Brew 2022: A U.S. and Mexico Craft Beer Collaboration

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As part of the activities to promote the growth of Independent Beer, the Mexican Brewers Association (ACERMEX), in conjunction with the Brewers Association (BA), hosted the fourth edition of the program Together We Brew. This annual program (except during the COVID-19 pandemic) encourages and supports collaborative brews between Mexican and American Brewers to promote commerce and knowledge exchange for the beer industry on both sides of the border.

Steve Parr, director of International Relations for the BA state, “Together We Brew symbolizes the spirit of friendship and collaboration that our two great brewing nations share. It’s about celebrating how much more we have in common than what differentiates us. About how brewers from different countries can unite in the pursuit of great tasting beer, delivering a product that consumers are interested in, while growing businesses on both sides of the border.”

activity at the american craft beer pavillion in mexico

This year’s edition paired six breweries from the U.S. to brew with six breweries in Mexico. These brewers will be this year’s ambassadors for the program, serving as symbols of collaboration and friendship between Mexico and the U.S., and creating six unique craft beers. These resulting beers are as incredibly diverse and unique as the exchange itself. This program not only favors an international exchange of knowledge and highlights native ingredients rarely seen in beer, but it also sends a powerful statement of unity throughout the brewing world—in particular, across the U.S.-Mexican border.

“Our main goal in getting these brewers together is the mixing of two different brewing backgrounds and traditions, looking to maximize the learning experience on both sides. Only by sharing our knowledge can we improve and grow as a community,” states Cristina Barba Favá, director of ACERMEX.

The Beers and Brewers in this Year’s Edition Are:

Haupia – Blonde Ale with Mango, 4.7%
Cervecería Cielito Lindo and Maui Brewing Co.
Guadalajara, Jal. / Maui, Hawaii

Huapia is a refreshing beer inspired by the traditional dessert of the Hawaiian luau. Vibrant gold in color, with white foam, tropical flavor obtained by the use of mango pulp, and subtle coconut aroma thanks to Sabro hops. A touch of lactose gives this beer creaminess and smoothness, making it a very easy-to-drink beer.

haupia beer label

La Soberana – Agave Lager Oscura, 5.4%
Cerveza Loba and Three Weavers Brewing Co.
Guadalajara, Jal. / Los Angeles, Calif.

This beer is an homage to the women that have changed history, from the Weavers of California to princess Iztaccíhuatl of prehispanic Mexico. This beer is a celebration of the fraternity between Mexico and the United States, both sovereign nations. You’ll find this beer to be light-bodied, with a hint of bread and roasted malts both in the flavor and the mouth. A hint of smoke is present thanks to the use of Mezcal Derrumbes’ wood chips, from Oaxaca. The label was created by the artist named Harlowe and will be auctioned as an NFT. 50% of the proceeds of the label auction will be donated to the ONG Voces Humanizando la Justicia.

la soberana beer label

San Junípero – Sahti, 7.6%
Casa Cervecera Crucru and Cervecería Colorado
CDMX, CDMX / Denver, Colo.

Our Sahti is a beer (if we can call it a beer since we didn’t use any hops) brewed in collaboration with our brothers of Cervecería Colorado, 70% malt, 30% rye, mashed with juniper berries and branches gathered both from Colorado and Mexico City. Another difference between a Sahti and a traditional beer is that we didn’t boil the wort. It went directly from the mash to the fermentation using Kveik yeast.

san junipero label

Midnight Express – Black IPA, 5.6%
Cervecería Punto Medio and Baxter Brewing Co.
Querétaro, Qro. / Lewiston, Maine

Dark brown beer, almost black, but with a light body and dry finish. This beer is refreshing and easy to drink. On the mouth, you can find roasted malt notes with an intense citric character from the American hops. This beer is full of personality and will leave you wanting more.

midnight express beer label

Wired – Cold IPA with Café, 4.8%
Aguamala and Warped Wing Brewing Company
Ensenada, B.C. / Dayton, Ohio

Cold IPA with coffee. The colder fermentation allows a more intense fruit aroma, supported by a generous mouthfeel of roasted grains and finishing with cacao and coffee flavors. Each sip feels like a new experience.

wired cold ipa label

Deer Slope – Imperial Stout, 9.4%
Cyprez and Upslope Brewing Co
CDMX, CDMX / Boulder, Colo.

This beer was elaborate thanks to the support of República Cervecera. This dark beer has a roasted malt character with a subtle alcoholic note and an intense cacao finish.

deer slope beer label

The beers from this year’s Together We Brew project were available during the 2022 Cerveza Mexico festival, which took place Oct. 21-23. They can also be found in the participating Mexican brewery tasting rooms while supplies last.

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