Invitation to the Shanghai International Beer Festival

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The Brewers Association would like to inform all Export Development Program members of the 2014 Shanghai International Beer Festival.  If you are not a BA EDP member and would like to participate, contact Mark Snyder.

2014 Shanghai International Beer Festival Shanghai, China April 18 – 20, 2014

The 2014 Shanghai International Beer Festival is one of China’s largest international beer festivals and is expected to attract over 30,000 visitors. Similar projects have helped result in distribution for American craft beers in China in recent years.   Bob Pease will be representing the Brewers Association at the festival.

This is a great opportunity to get your beers in front of Chinese consumers and the trade who will be at the show.

The BA’s participation in this event is funded by the Association’s Export Development Program.  EDP funds are used to sponsor a BA stand at the Festival, cover the costs of a consolidated shipment of beer to China and registration costs for US brands in the festival.

If you would like to participate with the BA Export Development Program, please contact Mark Snyder for additional information, including documents needed for this event.  Documents are needed by February 27th – we need to submit paperwork to the Chinese customs to obtain an alcohol permit.

Cost: The BA will cover all costs related to the shipment, shipping and customs charges from the Brewers Association to China for your beer (bottles and cans only) per brewery for Export Development Program members. Breweries will be responsible for costs associated with shipping their beer to the BA warehouse.

We are flying the beers to Shanghai.

Again, thank you for your interest in sending beers for the 2014 Shanghai International Beer Festival in China.  And if you are interested in participating in person, please contact Mark Snyder.

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