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The second quarter was a very busy one for the Brewers Association Export Development Program and it’s members. Each quarter we summarize the activities in a newsletter and include more in-depth discussion and photos you might have missed.

  • 2014 EDP Allocation
  • Update on Activities Planned for 2014
  • New EDP Committee Members
  • American Craft Beer Sales Rise 49.6% in 2013
  • The EDP Works to Combat the Grey Market
  • Activities of the EDP’s Craft Beer Ambassador to Europe
  • CBC: EDP Seminars, Awards Ceremony, and International Visitors
  • The EDP Promotes American Craft Beer in China
  • EDP Members Participate in Braukunst Live! in Munich
  • The EDP Sponsors U.S. Embassy Promotion in Austria
  • EDP Representative Presents at San Diego Craft Beer Workshop
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