Export Program 2014 Activities

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Braukunst Live Munich – February 21-23

Craft Brewers Conference Export Seminars – April 8-11

Barcelona Beer Festival – April 11-13

Australian International Beer Awards 2014 – April Judging, May Awards Ceremony

Shanghai International Beer Festival – April 18-20

Austria Craft Beer Promotion US Embassy – May 22

Sinan Mansions Craft Beer Festival-Boxing Cat – May 31 & June 1

Mexican Beer Market Trade Mission – June 2-6 [This was organized by USDA in Mexico City and is not a BA EDP event. BA rep will travel with them to assess the market and ensure that the importance of quality is emphasized.]

Great British Beer Festival – August 12-16 (ocean transport, beers due June 17 to BA)

European Beer Star – October 9-10 (air shipment, beers due September 16 to BA)

Great American Beer Festival Export Seminars – October 2-4

Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival – September 26-28 & October 2-4 (ocean shipment, beers due August 12 to BA)

Brussels Beer Challenge – October 30-November 2 (air shipment, beers due September 16 to BA)

Fancy Food Show San Francisco 2015 – January 11-13, 2015 (beers delivered directly to the show)

Please contact Mark Snyder, if you are interested in participating in these activities with the BA Export Development Program.