2017 Brussels Beer Challenge Winners Announced

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The Brussels Beer Challenge, now in its 6th year, is one of the most recognized beer competitions in the world. During three days, a panel of 80 internationally renowned beer experts judged 1,250 beers from all corners of the world. The participating were subdivided into categories based on origin, typology and style, and are then tasted. At the end of the three tasting days, the best beers in each category are awarded with a gold, silver or bronze medal. Among those, U.S. craft beers were selected as winners  for 6 gold medals, 11 silver and 22 bronze.

See the Export Development Program winners list.

The Brewers Association Export Development Program is designed to promote U.S. craft beers in targeted global markets through trade missions, shows and competitions such as the 2017 Brussels Beer Challenge competition.