The Evolution of Premium Dry Yeast

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December 21st, 2023

10:00 AM PT- 11:00 AM PT

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Add to Calendar 2023-12-21 11:00:00 2023-12-21 12:00:00 America/Denver The Evolution of Premium Dry Yeast Join Tobias Fischborn and Chris White as they break down the importance of quality in premium dry yeast and what's in the innovation pipeline.

Dry yeast provides brewers flexible and convenient options when it comes to fermentation cultures. Choices in dry yeast are vast in today’s market, so what makes these cultures stand apart? Join Tobias Fischborn from Lallemand Brewing and Chris White from White Labs, while they break down the importance of quality in premium dry yeast and what is in the innovation pipeline.

About the Speakers

Tobias Fischborn, Senior R&D Manager

Lallemand Brewing

Tobias Fischborn was appointed as research scientist for Lallemand Inc. in March 1998. He holds now the position of Senior Research & Development (R&D) Manager for Brewing at Lallemand and is also responsible for quality control and quality assurance of all brewing yeasts. He graduated from the Technical University of Munich, Weihenstephan in 1993, where he obtained an engineering degree in brewing and beverage technology. He continued studying for a PhD in brewing which he finished in 1997. Prior to his studies in Weihenstephan he worked as a brewer at Brewery Ph. & C. Andres in Kirn, Germany.

Chris White, President & CEO

White Labs

Chris White lives in San Diego, Calif., USA, where he serves as President and CEO of White Labs Inc. Chris has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego and a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of California, Davis. During his graduate studies, he learned to homebrew which propelled him to found White Labs in 1995 to provide pitchable yeast cultures and fermentation services to the brewing, wine, and distilling industries. He is coauthor of Yeast: The Practical Guide To Beer Fermentation, co-designer of BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game, and has published numerous articles on yeast, beer, and fermentation.