2023 European Beer Star

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September 14th-15th, 2023

Nuremberg, Germany


  • April 3 - Registration Open
  • July 12 - Deadline to register with EBS and the EDP (both required)
  • August 2 - East or West Coast Consolidation Deadline

Exclusive benefit for BA Export Development Program members

Not a member? Learn more about the Program benefits and fees.

The European Beer Star has become one of the international brewing community’s most coveted awards recognizing original, innovative beers. In the 2022 competition, 2,168 beers from 40 countries were judged by 130 internationally renowned beer experts. Last year, EDP members won 25 medals.

International competitions continue to serve as key platforms to raise awareness for American craft beer abroad and assist breweries with generating publicity for their brands in overseas markets.

EDP Members: Please read all details below before registering.


The Brewers Association will cover the entry cost for up to three brands (bottles and cans only) per brewery and consolidated airfreight shipment for Export Development Program members.

Breweries can submit more than three brands but will be asked to remit payment for the number of brands submitted beyond three. The fee per additional brand is €250–if you enter more than three brands, you will be invoiced after registration has closed.

2023 Event Timeline

April 3 – Registration Open
May 24 – End of early-booker discount
July 12– The deadline for breweries to register both via the European Beer Star Website and the EDP Shipping Form at the bottom of this page. Breweries must register with both in order to ensure inclusion in the shipment to Germany.
August 2-
Deadline for entries to arrive at either the east or west coast consolidation point
September 14-15 – Judging of entries
November 29 – Award Ceremony & Winner’s Night at Brau Beviale in Nuremberg

Beer Quantity Requirements

Ten bottles or cans of each brand are needed for each beer with contents of at least 0.5 l.

Fifteen bottles or cans if the content is less than 0.5 l.

If you want to send a full case in greater quantity than the above-outlined requirements, this is OK. Beers not needed for judging will be used in media interviews and also in beer educational classes by the European Beer Star organizers.

Please ship the beers in the regular cases–we need to tightly pack the pallets, as we are flying them to Germany. If you ship your beers in Styrofoam containers to the BA warehouse, please include the original cardboard case and 6-pack holders. Styrofoam containers will not be shipped to Germany.

Registration Instructions

Step 1: Register your entries with European Beer Star. The deadline for EDP members is July 12, 2023.

  • Review all information on competition procedure, category/style descriptions, and conditions of the competition.
  • Enter Voucher code: EDP@EBS2023 to authorize your BA EDP membership (this is for BA Export Development Program members only – if you are not an EDP member, please contact Steve Parr to join. Voucher code field is located under “contact data” during initial registration. 
  • BA EDP members, do not pay any fees when registering your beers

Step 2: In addition to the official European Beer Start registration, register your entry information with the Export Development Program (EDP) via the form at the bottom of this page before July 12, 2023, to include your beers in the consolidated shipment to Germany.

Step 3: Ship your labeled entries to arrive at one of two consolidation points. Entries must arrive by August 2, 2023. For each entered beer you will receive a ready-made label with a QR code via Email. This label needs to be placed on the packaging of each submitted entry (not each sample). The QR code will be scanned during beer reception. You can track within your user account if your beer has arrived at the European Beer Star. Note: Breweries are responsible for creating and affixing their own labels. Labeling information can be found here.

Entries that are not labeled by the brewery may not be eligible for judging.

Shipping for Consolidation

EDP members have a choice of one of two consolidation points on the east and west coast. Labeled entries are at either consolidation warehouse by August 2, 2023. Entries that do not arrive on time, or are not registered with the EDP, are not guaranteed participation.

Mark all cases “BA/EBS” or print/affix this pdf. All cases must be labeled.

Looking for tips on packing/shipping beer for competitions? Start with Slide 15 of this Craft Brewers Conference seminar International Shipping for U.S. Brewers.

East coast consolidation warehouse address:

LAK Warehouse
Attn: BA/EBS
106 Kenny Place
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
Phone: (201) 226-1981
Warehouse Contact: Steve Krawczuk

West coast consolidation warehouse address:

**Palletized deliveries to the west coast consolidation point must make an appointment for delivery with Global Craft or may incur fees or denied delivery**

Global Craft Trading Warehouse
Attn: Brett Naylor, BA/EBS
901 East “E” Street
Suite 201
Wilmington, CA  90744

Delivery Contact Person:
Brett Naylor, 424-368-0197

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