Important Information for Growler Tags

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Free Customizable Growler Tag Template

Help your customers enjoy your beer at its best from growlers. Be sure and include these tips on your growler tags and keep your staff safe by ensuring they follow the safety guidelines listed below.

For Best Flavor Add These Tips to Your Brewery’s Growler Tags

  • Store in a cold dark place
  • Open and enjoy within 24-72 hours
  • Beer should be consumed within hours of opening
  • Never expose a filled growler to extremely high temperatures or allow to freeze

Before refilling your growler with beer take the following steps for best results

  • Clean, sanitize, rinse, and air-dry both growler and cap
  • Store with the lid OFF the growler
  • Never fill a growler that is damaged or has been engraved

Reminder to Brewers and Servers

  • Always use plastic rather than metal caps
  • Never engrave growlers
  • Never fill damaged or engraved growlers
  • Always fill with 5% headspace