Wisconsin Brewers Need Your Support Today

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The Wisconsin Brewers Guild has requested that beer enthusiasts take action to support the state’s small and independent brewers and the community of beer drinkers.

Please read the following information provided by the Wisconsin Brewers Guild.

The Wisconsin Brewers Guild requests your immediate action in contacting your state legislators.

We have been alerted that a legislative proposal has been circulated that may threaten the ability of small and independent breweries to get their beer to market by redefining how brewers, wholesalers and retailers interact. This new system would be overseen by a political appointee (the “liquor czar”) with sweeping authority who could be influenced by the very political contributors they would be regulating.

The Wisconsin Brewers Guild fears an attempt, similar to actions taken in previous years, to insert this proposal into the omnibus budget bill by what is called a “999 Motion”, a last-minute budget amendment that has been used in the past to sneak unpopular policy into law without any public hearings or debate.

The Guild urges all supporters of Wisconsin’s small and independent breweries to contact your legislators and ask them to oppose any attempts to use a “999 Motion” that would harm our local breweries. You can find the phone numbers for your legislators by entering your home address at maps.legis.wisconsin.gov

Politely identify yourself by name as a constituent and that you are calling to ask them to oppose:

  • Any budget amendment that would create a politically appointed “liquor czar” that would enforce strict limitations on how small Wisconsin breweries are able to get their beer to market.
  • Using the “999 Motion” to sneak this amendment into law.

We appreciate your support and for taking a quick minute to express your opinion to your legislators. Tell them about your favorite local brewery and encourage them to visit the breweries in their district!

Will Glass

The Brewing Projekt

President, Wisconsin Brewers Guild

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