Wide-Ranging Alcohol Bill Signed by Ohio Governor

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Signed into law, House Bill 674, among many provisions: eliminates statutory limitations on Sunday sales of alcohol; addresses issues related to outdoor refreshment areas; exempts certain brewpubs from the requirement to obtain a retail food establishment or food service operation license from a local board of health, instead allowing them to serve prepackaged meals and nonalcoholic beverages, as well as beer and intoxicating liquor, under exemptions from board of health regulation established by the bill or to maintain a schedule with the owner or operator of a mobile retail food establishment or a mobile food service operation licensed by a local board of health to serve food to the brewpub’s customers; allows a manufacturer or supplier of alcoholic beverages to provide glassware intended for the serving of beer to a permit holder authorized to sell beer for on-premises consumption if the manufacturer or supplier provides a receipt to the permit holder; and allows a distributor, manufacturer, trade marketing professional, solicitor, or broker of alcoholic beverages to use free services provided by social media to advertise certain events.

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