WI Alcohol Omnibus Scheduled for Hearing

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Scheduled for a hearing, Senate Bill 332, among a host of provisions, 1) creates the Division of Alcohol Beverages attached to the Department of Revenue and transfers the latter’s alcohol beverage regulation and enforcement functions to the division; 2) makes changes relating to the retail sales authority of brewers, wineries, manufacturers, and rectifiers, as well as changes relating to other authorized activities of brewers, wineries, manufacturers, and rectifiers; 3) expands or modifies the authority of brewers, wineries, manufacturers, and rectifiers to provide free taste samples on retail premises; 4) increases the limits on the amount of beer a brewpub may manufacture and self-distribute; 5) makes changes relating to restrictions on holding certain common interests applicable to manufacturers, rectifiers, wineries, brewers, brewpubs, wholesalers, and retailers; and 6) specifies requirements for certain production arrangements between alcohol beverage producers.

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