Small Brewers Caucus Expresses Concerns Over ABI/SABMiller Merger

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In a letter to the Department of Justice, the House Small Brewers Caucus urged a thorough review of the merger between Anheuser-Busch/InBev and SABMiller due to its potential effect on U.S. small and independent breweries. Co-chaired by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), the bi-partisan House Small Brewers Caucus expressed concerns relating to ABI’s increased leverage on all aspects of the U.S. beer industry, particularly distribution, and the affect on pricing and availability of raw materials.

“Small brewers, including Oregon’s 200-plus breweries, don’t simply provide beer; they provide consumers across the country greater variety and consumer choices against a market dominated by big beer companies like Miller or Busch,” said Rep. DeFazio. “The proposed merger between ABI and SABMiller will impact that consumer choice and steamroll small brewers in the process, affecting supply, pricing, and manufacturing. I urge the Department of Justice to carefully review this proposed merger and fully evaluate the potentially disastrous effects of the partnerships of these two beer behemoths.”

Read the full press release and letter sent to Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division William Baer.

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