Sampling Bill Advances in Ohio

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Reported from committee, House Bill 444 allows certain permittees to provide up to four tasting samples (free of charge) of beer, wine, or spirituous liquor, in any 24-hour period of time. The bill also increases the legally permitted alcohol content of beer from 12% to 15% alcohol by volume and requires the Division of Liquor Control to issue a printed card for every place in Ohio for which a C (retail sales of beer, wine, and mixed beverages for off-premises consumption) or D liquor permit has been issued regarding beer that contains between 12.1% and 15% alcohol by volume. The sign must read substantially as follows: “CAUTION Beer sold from this premises may contain up to 15% alcohol by volume, which is a higher alcohol content than standard beer that contains not more than 12% alcohol by volume. Please use caution when consuming beer with a higher alcohol content.”

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