Pub Brewer Bill Considered in MA

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H.B. 4590 provides that a pub brewer may sell malt beverages or malt beverage products produced by the pub brewery or produced for the pub brewery and sold under the pub brewery name: (1) at wholesale to any person holding a valid wholesalers’ and importers’ license; (2) at wholesale in kegs, casks, barrels or bottles to certain specified licensees for the sole purpose of resale in containers in which the malt beverage was delivered, provided that the total annual sales to those licensees shall not exceed 50,000 gallons; (3) at wholesale to churches and religious societies, educational institutions, incorporated hospitals, homes for the aged, manufactures of food products and manufacturers of drugs and chemicals; (4) at retail by the bottle to consumers for consumption off premises; (5) at wholesale to any person in any state or territory in which the importation and sale of malt beverages is not prohibited by law; and (6) at wholesale to any person in a foreign country.

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