Please Contact Your State Legislators to Support Wisconsin Brewers

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The Wisconsin Brewers Guild has requested that beer enthusiasts take action to support the state’s small and independent brewers and the community of beer drinkers.

Please read the following information provided by the Wisconsin Brewers Guild.

The Wisconsin Brewers Guild strongly opposes Senate Bill 801 and we need your help to defeat it.

Last summer, the craft beer community helped prevent a “liquor czar” proposal from advancing in the legislature that would have done great harm to the independent craft breweries of Wisconsin. This week, the Wisconsin State Senate has resurrected the “liquor czar” proposal by introducing Senate Bill 801.

The “liquor czar” bill also has been expanded to include a special permit that exempts a single multi-million dollar resort from the laws and regulations all other alcohol beverage producers in Wisconsin must abide. This “resort manufacturer” permit would be limited to a resort that includes at least 300 guest rooms, at least one spa, and a 36-hole championship golf course.

The Wisconsin Brewers Guild urges all supporters of Wisconsin’s small and independent breweries to contact your State Senator and ask them to OPPOSE SB 801. You can find the phone numbers for your state Senator by entering your home address here.

Politely identify yourself by name as a constituent and state that you are calling to ask them to oppose SB 801, which would create a politically appointed “liquor czar.” This “liquor czar” proposal seeks to embed a hardline definition of “the three-tier system” into law that lays the groundwork toward imposing limitations on how small breweries get their beer to market.

Tell them that the bill also gives one single multi-million dollar company an exemption from the laws and regulations that all other small craft beverage producers must follow. Ask them to oppose these measures that don’t provide small craft beverage producers the same rights and privileges.

We appreciate your support and for taking a quick minute to express your opinion to your legislators. Tell them about your favorite local brewery and encourage them to visit the breweries in their district!


Will Glass

The Brewing Projekt

President, Wisconsin Brewers Guild

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