Congressman attends the Western Pennsylvania Brewers Meeting

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Representative Jim Gerlach attended the Western Pennsylvania Brewers meeting at Church Brew Works on February 24th. The Congressman, a member of the Ways and Means Committee and the lead co-sponsor of the Federal Excise Tax bill HR 1236, was invited by the Brewers of Pennsylvania to give advice on how to solicit additional support for the bill. In the meeting Congressman Gerlach encouraged breweries to invite representatives to tour their facilities.

Following the meeting Sean Casey, owner of Church Brew Works and member of the Brewers Association, led Congressman Gerlach through the brewery. Sean explained that the majority of the stainless steel in the brewery came from a local manufacturer. He also emphasized that with additional tax savings he would be able to purchase more equipment from local companies.

Learn more about HR 1236, Representative Gerlach’s Small BREW Act and its Senate companion bill, S. 534 in the Federal Excise Taxes section of