NJ Bill Addresses Brewery On, Off Site Abilities

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A.B. 4518 (companion S.B. 2990) address issues related to the on- and off-premises abilities of limited and restricted brewery licensees, among which are: removes from current law the requirement that limited breweries provide a tour and that consumers take a tour of the brewery before they are able to purchase beverages for on-site consumption; allows the limited brewery license holder to offer for sale or make the gratuitous offering of de minimis food items and coordinate with a food vendor for the provision of food on the licensed premises and provide menus to consumers for the sale of food; allows limited breweries to hold an unlimited number of off-premises special events by obtaining a permit from the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control and to hold an unlimited number of on-premises special events without the need to obtain a permit; increases annual production limits placed on restricted breweries from 10,000 barrels to 300,000 barrels per year and allows restricted breweries to sell their products directly to a retailer, rather than through a wholesaler.

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