New Brewery Licensing Proposed in MD

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H.B. 1420 establishes a Class 10 modern brewery license, holders of which may: establish and operate a brewery for brewing, blending, and packaging beer at the location described in the license and import beer from a holder of a nonresident dealer’s permit; if the license is issued for use on a farm, the license holder must use at least one ingredient grown on the farm to brew the beer; brew, blend, and package beer at a licensed brewery or at a location for which an individual storage permit has been issued, if specified conditions are met; store its own beer and the products of other manufacturer’s in a specified manner; sell and deliver beer to authorized entities; serve, for on-premises consumption and in a specified manner, samples of beer brewed by the license holder; sell, for off-premises consumption and in a specified manner, beer brewed by the license holder; annually sell for on-premises consumption (1) up to 4,000 barrels of beer brewed by the license holder and (2) more than 4,000 barrels brewed by the license holder, if that amount is purchased from a licensed wholesaler; sell or serve specified types of food, although a caterer is not limited in the types of food it may serve on the licensed premises; however, a license holder or entity in which the license holder has a financial interest may not act as a caterer; and contract with or on behalf of a holder of a manufacturer’s license or nonresident dealer’s permit to brew and package beer that (1) may be sold by the license holder; (2) must be counted against the license holder’s barrelage limitations; and (3) must be taxed.

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