MO Retail Display Changes Bill Passes Committee

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Passed by committee, House Bill 634 addresses the ability to provide retailers with non-refrigeration dispensing equipment and seeks to increase dollar limits relating to retail displays and advertising. Currently, a distiller, wholesaler, winemaker, or brewer may give or sell product displays to a retail business if the total value of such displays does not exceed $300 per brand, per retail outlet. The bill changes this limit to $400 per brand, per retail outlet. Further, this bill changes the limit on the amount of permanent point-of-sale advertising materials that may be sold or given to a retailer from $500 to $700 per year, per brand, per retail outlet. The wholesaler or brewer may lend, give, rent, or sell, and may install or repair non-refrigeration dispensing accessories at the retail business establishment to facilitate the dispensing of draft beer. The fair market value of non-refrigeration dispensing accessories given or lent by a wholesaler or brewer to a retailer shall not exceed $2500 per calendar year. A complete record of non-refrigeration dispensing accessories given, rented, sold, installed, and loaned, and repairs and services made to a retailer shall be retained for a period of not less than three years by the wholesaler or brewer.

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