MD Looks at Production / Distribution Changes

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Passing the Senate, S.B. 839 seeks to repeal specified manufacturer’s permits and establishes a manufacturer off-site permit and a brewery special event permit. The bill authorizes a Class 8 farm brewery license to sell beer produced by the license holder for off-premises consumption and increases the maximum amount of beer specified holders of Class 7 limited beer wholesaler’s licenses may manufacture and distribute annually: a holder of a Class 7 limited beer wholesaler’s license, which was issued to a specified Class 5 brewery or a Class 7 micro-brewery is authorized to sell up to 5,000 barrels (instead of 3,000 barrels) of its own beer at wholesale annually. Additionally, the bill clarifies a Class 5 brewery and Class 7 micro-brewery may obtain the Class 7 limited beer wholesaler’s license if it produces in aggregate from all of its locations up to 45,000 of beer annually (instead of 22,500 barrels of beer annually).