Largest Group of Small Brewers Climb Capitol Hill

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On March 26, small brewers and state guild representatives collected in Washington, D.C. in what was the largest lobbying effort organized by the Brewers Association. In total, 220+ individuals from 46 states met with more than 300 congressional offices. The meetings centered around educating members of Congress about small brewery businesses and asking for support of the recently introduced excise tax recalibration legislation, H.R. 494.

Bob Pease, COO of the Brewers Association, emphasizes the importance of personal meetings with members of Congress as a tool to promote and protect the craft brewing industry.

“As the small and independent American craft brewing community grows and matures, engaging in the political process to tell our story becomes more important every day. It was a historic day on Capitol Hill, with hundreds of BA members advocating for our industry.”

Thanks to the 220+ brewery and state guild representatives that participated in these meetings. Their efforts are essential to protecting the future of the craft brewing community.