Kansas Production Cap Increase Advances

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Passing the Senate, S.B. 326 would increase the amount of beer that could be manufactured with a microbrewery license, allowing production of between 100 and 60,000 barrels of domestic beer in a calendar year for each microbrewery license issued in the state. Under current law, each license allows the production of between 100 and 30,000 barrels of beer in a calendar year. The bill also would specify that if a licensee has 10 percent or greater ownership interest in any other microbrewery licenses, the aggregate number of domestic barrels manufactured by all licenses under such common ownership could not exceed 60,000 barrels. Finally, the bill would allow a microbrewery licensee that also is licensed as a club or drinking establishment to sell and transfer domestic beer to that club or drinking establishment and microbrewery licensees with 10 percent or greater ownership interest in one or more microbrewery licenses to manufacture and transfer domestic beer between the microbrewery licenses for storage or sale.