Florida Glassware Legislation Signed into Law

Signed into law, House Bill 961 seeks to provide that a vendor may accept glassware from a distributor, at no charge, subject to the following conditions: the distributor received the glassware at no direct or indirect charge from a malt beverage manufacturer, importer, brand owner or registrant of malt beverage, or any broker, sales agent, or sales person thereof; the glassware prominently and permanently advertises a brand name; the distributor does not give the vendor more than 10 cases per calendar year per licensed premises; the vendor does not sell the glassware or return it to a distributor for cash, credit, or replacement; manufacturers and importers provide a no-charge invoice when glassware is given to a distributor; records relating to the sale or gift of glassware between industry members be kept for three years and that copies be provided under certain circumstances. The bill provides definitions as follows: a “case” means a box containing up to 24 pieces of glassware; “glassware” means a glass container that holds up to 23 fluid ounces.


  1. House Bill 961

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