Excise Tax Legislation Progresses, Needs Your Help

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HR 4278, the graduated excise tax reduction bill, that has been sponsored by Massachusettes State Representative Richard Neal and Texas Representative Kevin Brady continues to be a main focus for the Brewers Association. Since December, when the bill was first introduced, the BA has launched a calling campaign to member breweries with instructions to contact their local representatives encouraging them to co-sponsor HR 4278.

You can view a list of current co-sponsors by visiting the HR 4278 Resource Page. There, you will find background information on the bill and resources to make a case to your representative to co-sponsor HR 4278.

While the campaign has yielded success, more effort needs to be put on legislatures who have yet to sign on to this Bill. The Brewers Association continues to call member breweries in Districts with key representatives to sign on to HR 4278. Please let your congressman know what this bill means for your small business and do not rest until they become a co-sponsor. You can be sure the BA won’t rest, either.

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