Congressman Highlights Craft Brewer in Support of HR 1236

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“Two things come from a town called Kiln, Mississippi. That’s a famous NFL quarterback [Bret Favre] and Lazy Magnolia Beer…”

That was the opening remark Mississippi Congressman, Steven Palazzo (R-4) made to introduce his support of HR 1236. The bill, sponsored by his fellow congressmen and women; John Gerlach (PA-R), Richard Neal (MA-D) and 103 other bipartisan representatives, is designed to create jobs by reducing the excise taxes paid by small brewers in America, from $7 to $3.50 per barrel produced. Backers of HR 1236, along with its Senate companion bill S 534, believe that by helping these main street businesses, they will inturn reinvest the savings into new employees and equipment upgrades.

Congressman Palazzo referenced Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company as an American success story and highlighted that the brewery now supports 20 employees in its area. Listen to Representative Palazzo entire address in support of the bill, below, and check out the excise tax page on this website to see how you can help support this initiative and small brewers.

Congressman Palazzo talks about HR 1236 and Lazy Magnolia Brewing

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