California Governor Brown Signs Bill to Prevent Keg Theft

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Gov. Jerry Brown has signed AB 2203 sponsored by California Craft Brewers Association, that will make it illegal for any person to obliterate, mutilate or mark out the manufacturers name on a metal keg without the written consent of the manufacturer.

The measure makes it much harder for recyclers to take metal kegs from non-owners. California has taken steps to eliminate the practice as recyclers are already prohibited from taking kegs that bear the name of a manufacturer without the written consent from the manufacturer. Opportunists are currently getting around this by defacing or grinding out the indicia on the keg. This bill now makes that in itself a crime.

“As California craft breweries continue to expand and grow AB 2203 will be a positive step in reducing keg theft, ultimately saving money for all brewers who have kegs in circulation,” stated Tom McCormick, Executive Director of the California Craft Brewers Association.

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