CA Brewpub Provisions Advance

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Passing the Senate, Senate Bill 1283 authorizes a brewpub-restaurant licensee to label, bottle, package, or refill any container with beer produced on their licensed premises and may, at the licensed premises, sell beer produced and packaged by the licensee to consumers for consumption off the premises; 2) Authorizes a brewpub-restaurant licensee to donate or sell beer produced by the licensee to a nonprofit; 3) Specifies that the beer donated to the nonprofit shall not count in the calculation of minimum amounts of beer required to be produced by a brewpub-restaurant licensee; 4) Requires a brewpub-restaurant licensee to have a minimum seven-barrel commercial brewing system located permanently onsite that is capable of producing at least seven barrels of beer per brewing cycle; 5) Increases the minimum amount to be manufactured by the licensee from 100 to 200 barrels; 6) Requires that beer produced on the premises be offered for sale to consumers for consumption on or off the premises in a bona fide manner; 7) Specifies that a brewpub-restaurant license does not authorize any of the following: a) The sale, furnishing or exchange of any alcoholic beverages with any other brewpub-restaurant licensee, any licensed beer manufacturer regardless of any other licenses held by the licensed beer manufacturer, or any retail license in California; b) The sale, furnishing, or exchange of any beer produced on the licensed premises bearing the same trademark as any beer produced by a licensed beer manufacturer; c) A brewpub-restaurant licensee to engage a licensed beer manufacturer to produce beer for sale by the brewpub-restaurant licensee; 8) Requires a licensee to maintain records on a monthly or quarterly basis that are adequate to establish compliance with the requirements of a brewpub-restaurant license and to enable the Department of ABC to identify which beer sold by a licensee was produced on the premises in order to establish the licensee’s compliance with the provisions of this bill. These records shall be maintained for a period of at least three years and shall be provided to the Department of ABC within 30 days of receipt of the Department’s written request.

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