Brewery On/Off Site Events Addressed in NJ

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Senate Bill 3154 authorizes limited breweries, commonly referred to as microbreweries, to hold certain on-site and off-site events open to the general public. Under the bill, on-site special events include trivia and quizzes; paint and sip craft making; live music and open microphone; live televised sporting events; educational events and seminars; movie or theatrical events; animal adoption events to the extent permitted by local ordinance; yoga and similar classes; and private parties, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, civic and political functions, professional and trade association events, and class reunion and alumni events. Off-site special events under the bill include beer, music, and arts festivals; civic events; athletic events, such as 5K races, mud runs, and bike races; limited brewery anniversary celebrations; and holiday celebrations. Also under the bill, the requirement that a consumer take a tour of the brewery as a prerequisite to consuming malt alcoholic beverages on the premises can be satisfied by taking either an onsite tour or a virtual tour of the brewery and that tours are not required for the licensee to sell its product at retail for off-premises consumption and that the product may be sold in a keg, sixtel, case, six-pack, growler, or crowler.

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