Brewers Association Federal Tax Efforts Featured on Fox Business

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Bob Pease, COO of the Brewers Association (BA), appeared live this week on Fox Business to discuss the Brewers Association’s efforts in support of legislation that would recalibrate federal excise taxes for America’s small and independent brewers.

Pease appeared on this national program on Wednesday, June 29, fielding questions from Fox Business host Charles Payne about the Federal excise tax bills in the House and the Senate, as well as the formation of the Senate Small Brewers Caucus.

“This interview is an indication that the BA’s—and our members’—efforts are gaining the attention of the American media,” said Charlie Papazian, BA president. “More and more mainstream outlets are recognizing the impact of small craft brewers in creating Main Street jobs and contributing in small and big ways to the recovery of the American economy.”

Status of the Federal Tax Bills

Currently, there are 90 co-sponsors in the House for H.R. 1236, with 16 Representatives serving on the powerful Ways & Means Committee. There are 35 co-sponsors in the Senate for S. 534, with 11 Members serving on the Senate Finance Committee.

The bills enjoy truly bipartisan support, with H.R. 1236 co-sponsored by 40 Republicans and 49 Democrats, and S. 534 co-sponsored by 15 Republicans, 20 Democrats and 1 Independent.

The House Small Brewers Caucus, an important forum in Washington for the small brewing community, comprises 44 Republicans and 48 Democrats. A Senate Small Brewers Caucus was formed earlier this month, indicating further support in the nation’s capital for Main Street, small brewing businesses.

August Recess An Opportunity

Congress is in session until August 9, at which time the body recesses until September 6. The August recess is an ideal time for BA members to invite their Representative or Senator to visit their brewery. These visits afford the chance to tell the brewery’s story and educate members of Congress about the challenges that Brewers Association brewery owners face in owning and operating small businesses.

Helpful information for connecting with elected officials can be found here.

Watch Bob Pease’s interview on Fox Business.

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