BA Files Comments on Proposed Changes to Brewer’s Notice Requirements

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The Brewers Association has filed supportive comments on Tax and Trade Bureau Notice No. 212, Modernization of Qualification Requirements for Brewer’s Notices. With a goal of reducing burdens on industry members, the proposed amendments address the following issues:

(1) eliminating the collection of certain information from Brewer’s Notices;
(2) replacing required narrative descriptions of the premises with more specific information;
(3) extending deadlines for reporting certain changes in the brewer’s business from 30 days to 60 days;
(4) streamlining procedures for brewers using new trade names by allowing trade name use upon notification and not requiring TTB approval;
(5) allowing the maintenance of required records at locations other than the brewery premises through a notification rather than an application for an alternate procedure;
(6) clarifying which individuals are required to submit statements of financial interest in the business in connection with an application for a Brewer’s Notice;
(7) reducing the frequency of physical inventories for certain brewers and providing additional flexibility in the timing of inventories;
(8) streamlining procedures for discontinuing business as a brewer;
(9) allowing entities operating multiple breweries to secure one bond covering all operations; and (10) eliminating the requirement that brewers notify TTB before voluntarily destroying taxpaid beer off brewery premises.

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