Approved Returns Outlined in Michigan Bill

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Senate Bill 357 would amend the Michigan Liquor Control Code to allow a wholesaler or manufacturer to refund to a retailer the amount the retailer paid for beer or wine, as applicable, or allow a wholesaler or manufacturer to replace that beer or wine for any of the following reasons: the beer or wine was outdated; seasonal closing of the retailer; the retailer went out of business or the Michigan Liquor Control Commission placed the retailer’s license in escrow; driver or salesperson delivery error; the retailer made an order error; the supplier discontinued the brand; the Commission suspended or revoked the retailer’s license; a short fill; the beer or wine was off taste or off color, had sediment in it, or was adulterated, contaminated, or spoiled; breakers or leakers at the time of delivery; Internal Revenue Service or Michigan Department of Treasury seizure; salable product not used by a special licensee.

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