Sell More Beer in 2021

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Speaker: Alec Johnson

No matter what kind of beer you make, the size of your facility, or where you’re located, all breweries have one thing in common: the goal of selling more beer. But as the landscape has shifted, there are new challenges that stand in the way of getting your beer into the consumer’s hand. In this webinar, Alec Johnson from Ekos shares trends in consumer behavior, best practices for ecommerce, sales and marketing tips, and how to optimize operational and production processes so you have more time to focus on selling.

About the Speaker

Alec Johnson

Alec Johnson, Solutions Engineer, Head of Industry - Beer


Alec Johnson is the Solutions Engineer, Head of Industry - Beer at Ekos, the leading business management software for craft producers. Ekos was just under a year old when Alec joined the team in 2015. As one might imagine, the team was small and the software was still in its early stages of development. Fast forward to present day and Alec knows the ins and outs of the software like the back of his hand. This unique asset has helped over 1,500 customers around the world see the benefits that Ekos provides to help makers manage their day to day operations in inventory, production, sales, and accounting.

A University of Iowa graduate and Iowa native, Alec lives in the Charlotte, N.C. area with his wife and two-year-old son, with a second son on the way. Alec likes to play golf, run, travel with his family, and visit craft breweries.

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