Filling with Finesse: Matching Your Fill Process to Your Beverage(s)

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Speaker: Alexis Foreman

Beverage types and styles pour differently during packaging. When you are increasingly putting your beer, seltzer, and more into cans or bottles, knowing how to accommodate unique beverage behavior during filling is fundamental. This in-depth webinar offers a practical exploration of filling: methods, current technologies, popular mechanisms, and equipment design implications, including use of counter pressure or atmospheric filling. The presentation’s goal is to help you finesse your filling process or choose the right technology to achieve the best quality and yield for your beverage(s).

About the Speaker

Alexis Foreman

Alexis Foreman, Co-Founder

Wild Goose Filling

Alexis Foreman has more than eighteen years of experience in the machine and mechanical-design industry, including five patents. As co-founder of Wild Goose Filling, he's an expert in the craft-beer industry, beverage packaging, and mechanical design. He has been published in four scientific publications for innovative machine design, including rope descent devices, custom scientific instrumentation, control systems, and geothermal heating and cooling systems.

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