Creating a Safer Workplace by Reinforcing Its Immune System

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Speaker: Matt Stinchfield

Our immune system defends our body from threats. The same is true of brewery safety. Just like a robust immune system, a strong safety culture is the best way to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. In this Collab Hour webinar, BA Safety Ambassador Matt Stinchfield enlightens and educates on the principal drivers of safety culture. Learn how to build a safe, productive, and inclusive work environment with these universal culture keystones.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the similarities between good health and a prosperous safety culture
  • Myth-bust the old paradigm that everyone must know everything about OSHA’s rules and regulations
  • Learn the five proven, powerful drivers behind workplace safety culture
  • Find out how to tap into your workforce’s natural abilities to get safe, be safe, and stay safe

About the Speaker

Matt Stinchfield

Matt Stinchfield, Safety Ambassador

Brewers Association

Matt Stinchfield has been actively creating safer workplaces for over three decades. He has worked in a range of environmental safety and health spheres, including pollution control, water and wastewater treatment, industrial hygiene, hazmat response, and chainsaw safety. He has focused on brewery safety for the last 20 years as an insurance consultant to mid-sized and regional craft breweries and distilleries. Matt founded his own brewery in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2014 and now assists start-ups and operating facilities.

Matt is the Brewers Association Safety Ambassador, member of the BA Safety Subcommittee, and a frequent speaker at conferences, state guilds, and webinars. He is lead instructor for the OSHA-funded Hazard Reduction Practices for Cleaning Draught Beer Lines course and the annual Brewery Safety Bootcamp at the Craft Brewers Conference. Currently, Matt is writing the book on brewery safety for Brewers Publications, shooting for a late 2022 release. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring stinky things, like fungi, washed-rind cheeses, and fermented foods.

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