Cloud Marketing 2021: Know More, Do More, Grow More

Sponsored by MarketMyBrewery™ by BrewLogix

MarketMyBrewery™ by BrewLogix
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Speakers: Lori Bolin, Dan Hornbrook

Sociologists tell us people want to return to a time of socialization and friendship expressed through shared experiences. For craft lovers, this means returning to the authentic brewery experiences they crave. In fact, your brewery experience is exactly what many craft fans are looking for. Will they find you?

Today, active craft fans are starting to plan weekend getaways, bike trips (let’s call them “BreweryRoutes”), date nights, and business lunches that include visits to your taprooms. Are you on the route?

MarketMyBrewery™ is a new cloud marketing platform for brewers that promises to help you know more, do more, and grow more in your marketing efforts. After this webinar, you will be well-positioned to:

  • Know more about the behavioral trends that impact how you communicate with craft beer lovers
  • Do more to efficiently leverage your online presence – and “be” where beer lovers are searching
  • Grow more customers, followers, and loyalists to your brewery experience and your brand

In this webinar, you’ll also hear about the market insights that led to the development of MarketMyBrewery™ and the NEW BreweryDB®. You’ll get an insider’s look at the new marketing platform and see examples of how brewers are effectively utilizing the system today – and planning for the future.

MarketMyBreweryTM and BreweryDB® are part of an integrated suite of products from BrewLogix® designed to help you know more, do more, and grow more.

About the Speakers

Lori Bolin

Lori Bolin, President & Chief Strategy Officer


Lori Bolin is President & Chief Strategy Officer for BrewLogix®, an exciting "Internet of Things" company leveraging technology and analytics to drive growth for those who brew, self-distribute, or serve kegged beverages. Lori is also currently overseeing the "next gen" development of the well-known industry platform, BreweryDB® and the introduction of MarketMyBrewery™, a new cloud marketing platform for brewers. In addition to her passionate work in the brewing industry, Ms. Bolin is the owner of a private consulting firm that focuses on creating competitive advantage for small-to-mid-market businesses through strategic innovation. Lori began her educational pursuit earning a four-year scholarship as a piano performance major before graduating Indiana University with a degree in business and telecommunications. She is a Certified Beer Server in the Cicerone® Program and is always up for something "tart and funky."

Dan Hornbrook

Dan Hornbrook, MarketMyBrewery™ Product Manager


Dan Hornbrook has been in the adult beverage business for 11 years, with emphasis on the craft beer side for the past six of those 11 years. Having spent the previous four years on the supplier side with a national craft brewery, and the former seven on the distributor side, Dan is expert in the entire kegged beverage process making him invaluable to BrewLogix® and MarketMyBrewery™. With a passion for craft beer, only matched by that for the fellowship of the people collaborative space of craft beer, Dan is eager to maximize the impact a platform like MarketMyBrewery™ can have to directly provide free marketing resources and tools to independent brewers. In addition to his industry knowledge, Dan is a Certified Beer Server in the Cicerone Beer program and has a heightened appreciation for any beer that spends time building flavor in a wood barrel or foeder.

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