An Intro to Ahhhroma™: The New EXTREME Hop Variety!

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Speaker: Tom Britz

The introduction of a new hop variety is always cause for curiosity. What is it, where did it come from, what does it do, how might it fit my needs…all common questions.

Ahhhroma™ is a new hop variety that came out of the original Glacier Hops Ranch research hop yard, now available for the first time in T-90 pellets. A high-oil variety with strong and complex tropical fruit aromas, combined with high-alphas (16.6% AA this year), the high-oil/high-alpha combination provides for an EXTREME dual-purpose hop.

Learn how Ahhhroma is currently being used, the available formats, both the sensory and technical attributes, and how to get samples or a Pilot Pack for testing. New varieties are always worth learning about to evaluate where they can fit in your brewing operations.

About the Speaker

Tom Britz

Tom Britz, CEO

Glacier Hops Ranch

Tom Britz's career background has spanned decades in both marketing and new business development, the latter of which led to him being the visionary behind what is now Glacier Hops Ranch.

In 2015, Tom was elected the first-ever National At-Large Director of the Hop Growers of America (HGA). He was subsequently appointed as National Chairman of the HGA's Small Grower Council, which oversaw the development of Enterprise Cost Studies and Best Practices for small hop growers during his tenure.

An accomplished horseman, Tom and his wife Annie competed from Canada to Texas and were nationally ranked in the cow horse sports of Team Penning and Ranch Sorting. They qualified and competed for the National Championships in Texas three times, and once for the World Championships, but today most of Tom's equine activity is an occasional trail ride in the forest surrounding his Whitefish property…the original Glacier Hops Ranch.

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