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Off-Premise Sales Addressed in AL

Senate Bill 321 would allow a brewery to sell up to 864 ounces of beer per customer per day and a distillery to sell up to 4.5 liters of liquor per customer per day for off premises consumption. Read More

AL Bill Seeks to End State Retail Alcohol Sales

S.B. 287 seeks to require the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to adopt, amend, or repeal rules as necessary to phase out the retail sale of alcoholic beverages by the board prior to September 30, 2026, but continue all other …Read More

Beer Transfers Addressed in AL Bill

S.B. 322 provides that beer transferred from a brewery in accordance with federal law to a brewery of the same ownership is deemed to have been manufactured by the receiving brewery at its licensed premises and that when calculating whether …Read More

Alabama Delivery Bill Intro’d

S.B. 126 creates a delivery service license which allows transport and deliver, for personal use, of up to 48 twelve ounce containers of beer, up to 288 ounces of draft beer, up to six 750 milliliter bottles of wine, and …Read More

Delivery License Proposed in AL

H.B. 407 provides for a delivery service license from the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board to transport and deliver up to 48 twelve ounce containers of beer and six 750 milliliter bottles of wine, within a 24 hour period, to …Read More

AL Bill Addresses Beer Definition and Franchise

Senate Bill 184 seeks to change the definition of to include fermented beverages made with a variety of substitutes for malt (i.e. rice, grain of any kind, bran, glucose, sugar, or molasses) and would require all beverages sold by a …Read More

Sampling Bill Signed by Alabama Governor

Signed by the Governor, Senate Bill 276 authorizes wineries, distilleries, and breweries that conduct tastings and samplings and that are located within an entertainment district to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption within the entertainment district. Read More

Financial Interest Provision Becomes Law in Alabama

Signed by the Governor, Senate Bill 404 would permit a small manufacturer of beer to have a financial interest in a brewpub under certain conditions. Read More

Tasting Room Sales Measure Intro’d in Alabama

House Bill 542 seeks to allow a licensed manufacturer of alcoholic beverages to dispense and sell at its on-site tasting room, alcoholic beverages that are manufactured in this state but not by the manufacturer, so long as the other manufacturer …Read More

AL Governor Signs Excise Tax Measure

Signed into law, Senate Bill 404 provides that the excise tax on beer is to be levied at the time the beer is allocated by the brewery or brewpub for retail sale rather than at the time it is …Read More

Displaying results 21-30 of 56

Pete Johnson

State & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Pete Johnson serves as the State & Regulatory Affairs Manager for the Brewers Association (BA). He joined the BA at its inception in 2005, having previously worked as Programs Director for the Brewers Association of America. Before coming to the small brewing industry in 2001, Pete worked for 14 years with both state and federal elected officials in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

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