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Homebrew Bill Advances in NY

Passing the Senate, S.B. 1227 authorizes the operation of home beer makers centers, home cider makers centers and home wine makers centers under the jurisdiction of the state liquor authority and defines such centers as places where individuals pay a …Read More

NY Electronic Tax Filing Provision

Assembly Bill 9456 would allow distillers and brewers to file their taxes electronically. Read More

NY Farm Brewery Sales Expansion Advances

Passing the Senate, Senate Bill 5707 authorizes farm brewery licensees to sell wine and spirits manufactured by the licensee or a licensed farm winery or distillery. Read More

Sales Tax Exemption Proposed in New York

A.B. 8706 seeks to amend the tax law to provide wine, beer, cider, and liquor tastings by a licensed producer to be exempt from the sales and compensating use tax. Read More

Electronic Filing Required in NY

S.B. 6313 would require the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance to allow distillers and brewers to file their taxes electronically. Read More

Sales Tax Exemption Proposed in New York

Senate Bill 6556 would exempt the beer, cider and distilled spirits provided by a licensed brewery, farm brewery, cider producer, farm cidery, distillery or farm distillery for a consumer tasting from sales tax. Read More

Promotion Council Proposed

Companion legislation A.B. 2305 and S.B. 4118 seek to establish the New York craft beverage council within the department of economic development to develop a marketing strategy to promote the state’s fine wines, spirits and craft brews. Read More

Alcohol Laws Under Review

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the creation of a working group of industry leaders to recommend revisions to New York State’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws. The group, which includes Steve Hindy (co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery) and Nick Matt (Chairman and CEO …Read More

Beer-Related Advisories Issued in NY

The New York State Liquor Authority has issued several advisories relating to brewing, brewers and beer: Read More

Reduced Filing Requirement Proposal Approved in New York

Signed into law by the Governor, Assembly Bill 7106 seeks to exempt brewers who produce less than 60,000 barrels of beer a year from the requirement to file annual information returns with the department of taxation and finance. Read More

Displaying results 121-130 of 168

Pete Johnson

State & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Pete Johnson serves as the State & Regulatory Affairs Manager for the Brewers Association (BA). He joined the BA at its inception in 2005, having previously worked as Programs Director for the Brewers Association of America. Before coming to the small brewing industry in 2001, Pete worked for 14 years with both state and federal elected officials in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

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