The Brewers Association Board of Directors has several standing committees that work with members and staff to focus on specific areas to help achieve association goals. Committee chairs determine committee rosters and primarily draw committee rosters from the brewery members. Committee involvement or experience as an officer in a state brewers guild is a prerequisite for a brewery member to run for election to the board of directors.

Contact Marc Preo with any questions or to show interest in committee participation.

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  • Kai AdamsSebago Brewing Company
  • Sarah BilliuBrewers Association
  • Tim BradyWhetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery
  • Andrew BurnsEmmett’s Brewing Co.
  • Larry ChaseStanding Stone Brewing Co.
  • Tom Dargen(Co-Chair)Craft Works Brewery Restaurant Group
  • Mark EdelsonIron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
  • Paul GatzaBrewers Association
  • Kim KavulakNebraska Brewing Co.
  • Christina LaRueWorthy Brewing Co.
  • Mike LawinskiFATE Brewing Company
  • Andrew LeagerBoylan Bridge Brewpub
  • Jared LongAltitude Chophouse and Brewery
  • Chase MedlinTwain’s Brewpub & Billards
  • Cyrena Nouzille(Chair Person)Ladyface Ale Companie
  • Charlie PapazianBrewers Association
  • Bob PeaseBrewers Association
  • John Pinkerton Moon River Brewing Co.
  • Tony SimmonsPagosa Brewing Co.
  • Bart Watson, Ph.D.Brewers Association
  • Jeff WestGreat Lakes Brewing Co.
  • Sarah WolfBrewers Association
  • Mark YounquistDolores River Brewery
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  • Tomme ArthurThe Lost Abbey
  • Steve Bradt (Chair Person)Free State Brewing
  • Fred BueltmannNew Holland Brewing Co.
  • Bill ButcherPort City Brewing Co.
  • Sam CalagioneDogfish Head Craft Brewery
  • Bill CovaleskiVictory Brewing Co.
  • Jennifer GlanvilleBoston Beer Co.
  • Leslie HendersonLazy Magnolia Brewing Co.
  • Nancy JohnsonBrewers Association
  • Mike Lawinski Fate Brewing (Boulder)
  • Jeff MendelLeft Hand Brewing Co.
  • Scott MetzgerFree Tail Brewing Co.
  • Charlie PapazianBrewers Association
  • Bob PeaseBrewers Association
  • Barnaby StruveThree Floyds Brewing Co.

Craft Brewers Conference Seminar Subcommittee

Steve Bradt, Free State Brewing Co.; Larry Chase, Standing Stone Brewing Co.; Cheri Chastain, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.; Jason Ebel, Two Brothers Brewing Co.; Paul Gatza, Brewers Association; Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.; Leslie Henderson, Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co.; Jessica Jones, Enjoy Beer; Scott Metzger, Freetail Brewing Co.; Will Meyers, Cambridge Brewing Co.; Cyrena Nouzille, Ladyface Ale Companie; Wynne Odell, Odell Brewing Co.; James Ottolini, Brew Hub; Jason Perkins, Allagash Brewing Co.; Jon Schwartz, Harpoon Brewery; Chuck Skypeck, Brewers Association; James Soares, Squatters Pub Brewery/Salt Lake Brewing Co.; Kris Spaulding, Brewery Vivant; Matt Stinchfield, Ploughshare Brewing Co.; Chris Swersey, Brewers Association; Eric Wallace, Left Hand Brewing Co.; Katie Wallace, New Belgium Brewing Co.; Bart Watson, Brewers Association; Sarah Wolf, Brewers Association; Mark Youngquist, Dolores River Brewery

Now Viewing : Executive
  • Rob Tod (Chair)Allagash Brewing Co. (ME)
  • Eric Wallace (Vice Chair)Left Hand Brewing (CO)
  • Larry Chase (Secretary/Treasurer)Standing Stone Brewing Co (OR)
  • Steve Hindy (Past Chair)Brooklyn Brewery (NY)
Now Viewing : Finance
  • Al AlvarezCigar City Brewing Co.
  • Chris BanksOdell Brewing Co
  • Larry Chase(Chair Person)Standing Stone Brewing Co
  • Tom ClarkBrewers Association
  • Mark EdelsonIron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
  • Chris P. FreyAHA Representative to BA Board
  • Scott MetzgerFree Tail Brewing Co
  • Scott Newman-BaleShort’s Brewing Co
  • Bob PeaseBrewers Association
  • Christine PerichNew Belgium Brewing Company
  • Jeff SchragMother’s Brewing Co
  • Peter SkrbekDeschutes Brewery
  • Brock WagnerSaint Arnold Brewing Co
Now Viewing : Governance
  • Steve Bradt (Chair Person)Free State Brewing Co.
  • Gary Fish Deschutes Brewery
  • Kim JordanNew Belgium Brewing Co.
Now Viewing : Government Affairs
  • Sergio BarriosMark Anthony Brands
  • John CarlsonColorado Brewers Guild
  • Acacia CoastBrewers Association
  • Art DeCelleMcDermott Will & Emery
  • Gary FishDeschutes Brewery
  • Paul GatzaBrewers Association
  • Jeff HamiltonSprecher Brewing Co
  • Steve HindyBrooklyn Brewery
  • Pete JohnsonBrewers Association
  • Dan KlebanMaine Beer Co.
  • Dan KopmanSaint Louis Brewery, Inc
  • Jim KochBoston Beer Co.
  • Andrew LemleyNew Belgium Brewing Co.
  • Jose MalleaBiscayne Bay Brewing Co
  • Katie MarisicBrewers Association
  • Garrett MarreroMaui Brewing Co
  • Nick MattF.X. Matt Brewing Co.
  • Brandon MazerShipyard Brewing Co.
  • Tom McCormickCalifornia Small Brewers Assn.
  • Gene MullerFlying Fish Brewing Co.
  • Sara NelsonFremont Brewing
  • Scott Newman-BaleShort’s Brewing Co.
  • Charlie PapazianBrewers Association
  • Bob PeaseBrewers Association
  • Kathi ReinsteinBoston Beer
  • John RubboYonkers Brewing Co.
  • Rob TodAllagash Brewing Company
  • Steve WagnerStone Brewing Co
  • Eric Wallace(Chair)Left Hand Brewing Co
  • Bart WatsonBrewers Association
  • Jason WilsonBack Forty Brewing Co
  • Sarah WolfBrewers Association
Now Viewing : Market Development
  • Kirk CocoNOLA Brewing
  • Stacy DenbowDeschutes Brewery
  • Tommy GannonSierra Nevada Brewing
  • Paul GatzaBrewers Association
  • Josh HareHops & Grain
  • Julia HerzBrewers Association
  • Jessica JonesEnjoy Beer
  • Dan Kopman(Co-Chair)Saint Louis Brewery, Inc
  • Fred Matt(Co-Chair)F.X. Matt Brewing Company
  • Anna NadasdyGreat Divide Brewing Co
  • Charlie PapazianBrewers Association
  • Bob PeaseBrewers Association
  • Mark RuedrichNorth Coast Brewing Co.
  • Jonathan SchwartzHarpoon Brewery
  • Eric WallaceLeft Hand Brewing Co
  • George WardBoston Beer Company
  • Bart Watson, Ph.D.Brewers Association
  • Evan WeinbergCismontane Brewing Company
  • Sarah WolfBrewers Association
Now Viewing : PR & Marketing
  • Bryan BrushmillerBurley Oak Brewing
  • Sam CalagioneDogfish Head Brewery
  • Barbara FuscoBrewers Association
  • Paul GatzaBrewers Association
  • Linus HallYazoo Brewing
  • Julia HerzBrewers Association
  • Steve Hindy(Chair Person)Brooklyn Brewery
  • Julia HerzBrewers Association
  • Ben HudsonBrooklyn Brewery
  • Dan KlebanMaine Beer Co.
  • Jim KochBoston Beer Co.
  • Randy MosherRandy Mosher Design
  • Charlie PapazianBrewers Association
  • Jessica PaarBoston Beer
  • Bob PeaseBrewers Association
  • Jeremy RagoneseBoulevard Brewing Company
  • Joey RednerCigar City Brewing
  • Hugh SissonClipper City Brewing Co.
  • Andy SparhawkBrewers Association
  • John ThompsonSmuttynose Brewing Co.

Export Development Subcommittee

Heather Douglas, Shipyard Brewing Co; Ryan Glenn, Ballast Point Brewing Co; John Green, Founders Brewing Co; Ron Jeffries, Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales; Adam Lambert, New Holland Brewing Co; Fred Mendes, Boston Beer Co; Jim Mills, Caldera Brewing Co; Charlie Papazian, Brewers Association; Bob Pease, Brewers Association; Eric Rosenberg, Bryant Christie Inc; Mark Snyder, Brewers Association; David Thibodeau, SKA Brewing Co; and Eric Wallace (Chair), Left Hand Brewing Co.

Now Viewing : Technical

The BA Technical Committee (TC), also known as the Technology Committee, oversees Brewers Association work with the Beer Industry Electronic Commerce Coalition (BIECC), with Matthew Moberly of Bell’s Brewery, Inc. and Travis Morrison of New Belgium Brewing Co as co-representatives to the coalition.


  • Travis BurgeNew Belgium Brewing Company
  • Dick CantwellBrewers Association Quality Ambassador
  • Cheri ChastainSierra Nevada Brewing Company
  • Tom FloresBrewer’s Alley
  • Jamie FloydNinkasi Brewing Company
  • Paul GatzaBrewers Association
  • Ken GrossmanSierra Nevada Brewing Company
  • Larry HorwitzFour String Brewing Company
  • Pete JohnsonBrewers Association
  • Charles KyleSierra Nevada Brewing Company
  • Geoff LarsonAlaskan Brewing Company
  • John Mallett (Chair Person)Bell’s Brewery, Inc.
  • Matt MeadowsNew Belgium Brewing Company
  • Matthew Moberly (BIECC co-representative)Bell’s Brewery, Inc.
  • Travis Morrison (BIECC co-representative)New Belgium Brewing Company
  • James “Otto” OttoliniBrewHub
  • Jason PerkinsAllagash Brewing Company
  • Charlie PapazianBrewers Association
  • Bob PeaseBrewers Association
  • Damon ScottBrewers Association
  • Chuck SkypeckBrewers Association
  • Chris SwerseyBrewers Association
  • Matt StinchfieldPloughshare Brewing Company
  • Katie WallaceNew Belgium Brewing Company
  • Dave WilsonAlaskan Brewing Company
  • Neil WitteBoulevard Brewing Company
  • Shane WoodBrewers Association
  • Chad YakobsonCrooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

The TC has five active subcommittees and one standing working group whose members are primarily committee members, but also include some non-TC participants.

Draught Beer Quality Subcommittee (DBQ)

The DBQ focuses on delivering high quality draught beer at retail. DBQ activities include publication of the printed Draught Quality Manual, the website, presentations at the Craft Brewers Conference and at other allied trade gatherings, and Draught Quality Workshops.

Michael Benz, Bridget Gauntner, Rob Gerrity, Ken Grossman, Jaime Jurado, Charles Kyle, John Mallett, Matt Meadows (Chair), MillerCoors colleagues (Jeff Bell, Todd Blondis, Peter J. Coors and Ernie Jimenez), David Lujan, David Munro, Jeff Schaefer, Ken Smith, Josh Van Zee, Neil Witte and Brewers Association staff members Paul Gatza, Pete Johnson, Charlie Papazian, Bob Pease, Damon Scott, Chuck Skypeck, Chris Swersey, and Shane Woods.

Keg Repatriation Working Group

Keg Repat focuses on solutions to the expensive, frustrating problem of keg disappearance. Keg Repat activities include BA member surveying, education and communication, outreach to allied trade service vendors, outreach to scrap metal and online marketplace industries, and development of tools to facilitate keg return to BA member brewers.

Jamie Floyd, Rob Gerrity, Ken Grossman, Steven Hindy, Kim Jordan, Charles Kyle, Geoff Larson, John Mallet, Matt Meadows, Doug Odell, John Pinkerton, Zachery Triemert, Katie Wallace, Neil Witte and Brewers Association staff members Paul Gatza, Pete Johnson, Charlie Papazian, Damon Scott, Chuck Skypeck, and Chris Swersey.

Supply Chain Subcommittee

The Supply Chain subcommittee is concerned with the ingredients and materials that are used to brew and package craft beers. Monitoring hop and barley harvest, interacting with growers and examing packaging supplies, monitoring glass and can markets, Supply Chain SC works to ensure a stable marketplace.

Peter Bouckaert, Dick Cantwell, Vinnie Cilurzo, Scott Dorsch, Jason Ebel, Ken Grossman (Chair), Florian Kuplent, John Mallett, Tom Neilson, James Ottolini, Steve Wagner, Dave Wilson and Brewers Association staff members Paul Gatza, Pete Johnson, Charlie Papazian, Bob Pease, Bart Watson, Damon Scott, Chuck Skypeck, and Chris Swersey.

Quality Subcommittee

The Quality subcommittee is dedicated to advise members on issues of beer consistency and quality, pointing members towards the tools and best practices they need to produce the best beers possible.

Lindsay Barr, Rob Christiansen, Tom Flores, Jamie Floyd, Ken Grossman, Larry Horwitz, Pat Jansen, John Mallet, Jason Perkins (Chair), Alastair Pringle, Kristopher Scholl, Thomas Shellhammer and Brewers Association staff members Paul Gatza, Damon Scott, Chuck Skypeck and Chris Swersey.

Safety Subcommittee

The Safety subcommittee examines and advises members on issues of brewery safety, protocol and compliance.

Ken Anderson, Ryan Blevins, David Currier, Jeff Fanno, Reva Golden (Co-Chair), Dana Johnson, Bill Lenczuk, Tony McCrimmon, Mike Owens, Corey Parker, Matt Stinchfield (Co-Chair), Kevin Walter and Brewers Association staff members Paul Gatza, Bob Pease, Damon Scott, Chuck Skypeck and Chris Swersey.

Sustainability Subcommittee

Sustainability works to improve supply surety by conserving resources. By further development of the Brewers Association Sustainability Tools, this group is working to sustain breweries and their communities into the future.

Margaret Bishop, Casey Chartier, Cheri Chastain (Co-Chair), Christian Ettinger, Ian Hughes, Saul Kliorys, Eric Larkin, Walker Modic, Marcus Powers, Kris Spaulding, John Stier, Luke Truman, Katie Wallace (Co-Chair) and Brewers Association staff members Paul Gatza, Graham Rausch, Damon Scott, Chuck Skypeck, and Chris Swersey.

Now Viewing : AHA Governing

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Governing Committee is an advisory committee to the AHA Staff and Brewers Association Board of Directors. The members of the AHA Governing Committee are elected by the members of the AHA. The AHA Governing Committee is charged with shaping policy and activities on behalf of the AHA. The AHA Governing Committee also appoints two Governing Committee members as designates to the Brewers Association Board of Directors.

AHA Governing Committee Officers

Chair Person: Roxanne Westendorf

Vice Chair: Drew Beechum

Secretary: Susan Ruud

Brewers Association Board Designates: Chris P. Frey, Jake Keeler

Drew Beechum Vice Chair – Pasadena, CA

Committee Members

Fred BonjourTroy, MI

Martin BrungardCarmel, IN

Debbie CerdaAustin, TX

Denny Conn Noti, OR

Justin CrossleyPacheco, CA

Chris P. Frey BA BOD Designate – Saline, MI

Jake Keeler Past Chair, BA BOD Designate – St. Paul, MN

Ron PriceSmyrna, DE

Jeff RankertMilford, MI

Aimee RichardPhiladelphia, PA

Susan Ruud Secretary – Harwood, ND

Tom SchmidlinRedmond, WA

Roxanne Westendorf Chair Person – Cincinnati, OH

Kim WoodGreenwood, CA

Members Emeritus

Fred Eckhardt, Ray Daniels, Randy Mosher

Term Through May 2015

Denny Conn, Debbie Cerda, Ron Price

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