Sustainability Benchmarking Tools

Check the progress of you brewery’s sustainability efforts by reviewing the 2015 – 17 Sustainability Benchmarking reports and utilizing the online tools developed by the Brewers Association and Antea Group to record and study your efforts.

Your participation will benefit your brewery, as well as, help the Brewers Association form a clearer picture of industry practices.

Through the benchmarking tool and sustainability manuals, the BA and the Sustainability Subcommittee encourages conscientious brewing practices that will ensure the long-term success of the craft beer industry.

Benchmarking Report

The reports providesa platform for the craft brewing community to share best practices for identifying how to use water more efficiently, generating less wastewater and solid waste, decreasing total energy usage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Download and Study the Report

The 2015 Sustainability Benchmarking Report focuses on utility usage and waste management in craft breweries and includes 2014 utility, resource and production data from 79 breweries, representing a robust variety of production sizes and geographic locations.

The 2016 Sustainability Benchmarking Update summarizes data gathered from 2015 and focuses on four environmental attributes as key performance indicators (KPIs): electricity, natural gas, water, and carbon dioxide. Wastewater costs and greenhouse gas emissions are also discussed, along with specific case studies related to brewery sustainability initiatives.

The 2017 Sustainability Benchmarking Update focuses on analysis of water, energy, and emissions efficiency in the craft brewing industry. The study also provides meaningful comparison by showcasing facilities by production size, geographic region, and market segment by documenting water use, energy use, and total emissions normalized to barrels of beer packaged.

These brewing industry benchmarking reports were created from an annual survey developed by the BA Sustainability Subcommittee. Future reports will be based on data gathered from the Benchmarking Tools. Read on to learn how to participate.

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Benchmarking Tools

Continue your brewery’s investment in sustainability by using the benchmarking tools to start recording your brewery’s sustainability data and compare it to other similar sized breweries.

Signup to Access Tools

To access the Brewers Association Sustainability Benchmarking Tools brewers need to register with Antea Group by completing accessing a form using the “Participate Now” link. Have your member number ready to access this members only resource.

A confirmation e-mail is sent from Antea Group iEHS Help Desk with a user name and password and instructional guide. The guide will provide you links for downloading and using the iEHS Mobile Metric input tool and the Brewers Association Sustainability Dashboard.

Use the Tools to Track Ongoing Monthly Performance

With the iEHS Mobile Metric portal app, brewers can enter target usage and cost values and track ongoing monthly performance. It works on mobile devices so you can record your data in real time in the brewery. Breweries will be able to easily identify areas to improve efficiencies and increase profitability by utilizing the Sustainability Dashboard tool to compare themselves to industry averages of similar breweries. Both tools are usable on a web browser.

Sustainability Internship

The Brewers Association is collaborating with Net Impact to help advance sustainability in the brewing sector. Graduate level Net Impact students are being recruited to assist local craft breweries with collecting, entering, and analyzing sustainability related data through the Sustainability Benchmarking Tools. For more information on the Sustainability Internship, contact BA Sustainability Mentor John Stier.

Questions & Support

Benchmarking Tools Applications

Antea Group Help Desk or US and Canada 1 (855) 786-2631


Data Entry and Utilization

BA Sustainability Mentor, John Stier or at 314-629-3711