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Beer Transfer Changes Before LA House Committee

Pending in committee, House Bill 821 would remove the requirement that a transferring brewing facility that maintains no less than a 10-barrel brewing system, and the receiving brewing facility owned wholly by the transferring brewing facility maintains no less than …Read More

Brewer Retail License Bill Signed by ID Governor

Signed into law, S.B. 1364 consolidates the “brew pub” license and “retail” license into one “brewer’s retail” license and provides that a brewery can maintain their retail privileges should they exceed 30,000 barrels of annual production, provided that it has …Read More

Iowa Governor Signs E-Commerce Wholesaler Provision

Signed by the Governor, H.F. 2277 prohibits a brewer from requiring a wholesaler to assent to any unreasonable requirement, condition, understanding, or term of an agreement prohibiting the wholesaler from utilizing, or requiring the wholesaler to utilize, a business-to-business …Read More

DE Self-Distribution Proposal Floated

Office of the Delaware Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner (OABCC) Proposed Rule 911 would allow small Delaware brewers to sell and deliver beer to any person licensed to receive and sell beer. The Brewers Association has submitted comments in support of …Read More

HI Beer Definition Bill Becomes Law

Signed by the Governor, Senate Bill 2354 expands the definition of “beer” under the liquor regulatory laws to mean any alcoholic beverage containing no less than 0.5 per cent alcohol by volume obtained by fermentation of any infusion or decoction …Read More

Colorado Alcohol Fee Bill Dies in Committee

Dying in House committee, Senate Bill 181 sought to impose a fee on alcohol distributed in Colorado to fund an addiction recovery program. The proposed fee for malt beverages and cider was sixteen cents/gallon, however, companies selling 60,000 barrels/year or …Read More

Displaying results 41-50 of 3398