Paul Gatza

Paul Gatza is the director of the Brewers Association (BA), a not-for-profit trade association whose purpose is to promote and protect American craft brewers and American craft beer and the community of brewing enthusiasts. Paul is a member of the association’s Brewpubs, Technical, Communications, Market Development, PR & Marketing and Government Affairs Committees. Paul’s origin in the beer community started when he took up homebrewing in 1990. He worked on the bottling line at Boulder Beer and would sneak over to the brewhouse when opportunity allowed. He owned a pair of homebrew supply shops in Boulder and Longmont, Colorado from 1994 to 1998. He served as director of the American Homebrewers Association for 7 years and is in his 19th year as Brewers Association director. Paul is ranked as a National Beer Judge by the Beer Judge Certification Program. Paul is also a former judge director of both the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup, before moving to the judge panels for these elite competitions.

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2012 Supplemental Stats Now in BAMO

The Members Only area of (which we affectionately call BAMO in our acronym soup) houses a spreadsheet that supplements the May/June issue of The New Brewer. Check it out.

Brewers Association Job Announcement

As we expand our involvement in resources related to technical brewing research and member education, the Brewers Association is looking to hire a Technical Brewing Projects Assistant.

BA Announces Lobbying Activities Percentage of Dues

Because the Brewers Association is involved in lobbying activities in Washington, DC, primarily on the excise tax bills in Congress, a percentage of member dues are not deductible as a business expense. For 2012, 20% of member dues were spent on lobbying.

U.S. Brewery Count Rises to 2,336

The year-end 2012 U.S. operating brewery count is in and the number has grown to 2,336--an increase of 387 more than the year-end 2011 brewery census.

Beer Drinkers’ Right to Know

Craft brewers are standing up for beer drinker's right to know who is behind the beers they see at retail stores, bars and restaurants.

Breweries in Planning Climb Over 1,300

The Brewers Association's mid-year craft stats press release came out earlier this month with growth numbers for the segment. the July numbers for brewery count and breweries in planning are now in.

August and IPA Day

India Pale Ales have become the most popular craft beer style, and August is the month we celebrate IPA Day, a grassroots celebration of this delightful style.

2011 Brewery Data Now in BAMO

We have finalized an Excel file with five tabs of additional craft brewer data. These data sheets are now available for members in the Brewers Association Members Only area.