The New Curbside Economy: Tools Breweries Can Use

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Our nation and the world will look back on March 2020 and describe the situation in ways we cannot yet script. In terms of this ever-unfolding story, we are only at the beginning and urgency is a must. It is not lost on us that forced shutdowns are greatly impacting breweries and lives in exponential ways. Here are some tools you can quickly use to get the word out about your curbside sales:

  • built a state by state list of breweries offering beer to-go, by delivery, or through alternative forms of sale. The public list was live March 24 until June. More than 1,300 listings were submitted. With the re-opening of business in so many states the resource is no longer live. The Brewery Finder continues to list all U.S. breweries and to date remains the number one entry page for the website with hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.
  • Support Your Local Brewery Toolkit
    • This digital suite of overlays are for brewers to share on social to tell their customers how they can support them in the coming weeks. Customize these to best fit your purposes and download here.

The world needs you and your craft beers. They provide us relief, relaxation, and reward while contributing to our economy, communities, and culture.

Here’s to reminding beer lovers to stand with you and to continue to support your brewery.

This post was updated on June 12, 2020.

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