Small Brewery Sunday Returns Nov. 28

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Pop quiz: What sits between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is three or four times better (at least!) than both of those holidays put together?

That’s right: Small Brewery Sunday.

The third annual Small Brewery Sunday calls on beer lovers to celebrate the positive impact that local breweries have on our communities. Because small and independent craft breweries provide jobs, give us places to gather with friends and family, and keep our glasses full of delicious craft beer.

The post-Thanksgiving period can be a blur of activity and crazed holiday shopping. Small Brewery Sunday is a chance to slow down and savor the things that matter: conversation, friendships, community — and finely crafted concoctions of malt and hops.

Get involved: To help your brewery drive sales before, during, and after Small Brewery Sunday, we’ve created a bank of free promotional assets — images, videos, copy — you can use across your marketing channels. You can customize these assets with your own branding or simply deploy them as is.

Images, videos, GIFs, and more!

The secret to a successful Small Brewery Sunday campaign? Use the free assets, and get the word out early and often!