Online Safety Training Expands to Include Filtering and Pumping

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As part of its mission to increase safety awareness, the Brewers Association (BA) has added a new lesson to the Online Brewery Safety Training course.

The new lesson addresses filtering and pumping operations, with a focus on three common types of brewery filtration methods: diatomaceous earth, centrifugal separators and sheet filters. It also addresses the unique properties of a variety of pump types that are found in breweries, including centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.

Online Brewery Safety Training addresses the need for occupational safety and health (OSH) training in the craft brewing industry. The training focuses on the specific tasks that are performed in a brewery. This task-based approach has the potential to allow employees to understand how to apply the principles of each specific OSH issue and to enhance their ability to recognize the hazards in their job tasks.

A new format for the training, Camtasia, creates a more user friendly experience when completing the lesson. These courses are free to members and non-members and registration is quick and easy. When taking a course, users can stop and start a course at any time and begin again later. Upon completion of each course, participants will receive a certificate documenting completion of that portion of the training.

The content in the courses was created by Grand Valley State University in conjunction with the Brewers Association and funded in part by a grant from the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The BA welcomes your comments regarding the current training and your suggestions for additional topics to address in the future. You can provide your comments through a feedback portal within each lesson or e-mail

Stay safe!

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