New Resource Addressing Over-Pressurization in Packaged Beer

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The Brewers Association Quality Subcommittee has developed a resource that addresses over-pressurization in packaged beer.

Controlling refermentation in packaging is an essential part of quality and food safety programs in breweries. Unintended refermentation can cause a package to rupture at the distributor, retailer, or in a customer’s possession, which is a potential consumer safety concern. It is the brewer’s responsibility to prevent package over-pressurization—not the customer’s.

The purpose of this resource is to provide guidance to brewers on the following:

  • The impact of carbonation on internal package pressure, especially when bottle or can conditioning is not intentional
  • Managing refermentation in packaged beer to prevent package over-pressurization
  • How CO2 created in conditioning can increase and exceed the pressure rating of a bottle or can

Download the resource to learn more about:

  • Knowing the pressure limitations of your package
  • Ensuring fermentation is complete
  • Managing in-package conditioning and calculating priming additions
  • Yeast considerations
  • Package conditioning do’s and don’ts