New Engineering White Paper on Yeast Handling Systems

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The Brewers Association Engineering Subcommittee recently released an educational white paper describing yeast handling systems for craft brewers. Brewers will find this resource to be a valuable guide when installing new or refining existing equipment. The unique challenges of and design considerations for yeast propagation, storage, and pitching are made accessible and easy to follow with visual examples and detailed parts lists. 

Equipment for yeast propagation may vary widely based on production volume, but yeast transfer systems follow the same basic principles regardless of brewery size. Yeast transfer and pitching can be complex and risk beer quality. Take the time to review the top five important design considerations for yeast transfer before investing in equipment of your own. From rudimentary small-scale operations, to repurposed vessels and dedicated yeast cellars, “Yeast Handling Systems” outlines the appropriate equipment and instrumentation required for safe and efficient handling of this important brewing ingredient.

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